Nationwide — Black-owned fashion brands are an up-and-coming enterprise. With the help of social media, more and more unique clothing lines are popping up on famous individuals. Plenty of stars are wearing some of this year’s best black-owned clothing lines.

Here are 6 black-owned fashion brands that you need to know about:

Yema and Hawi wanted to start a business dedicated to community service. In 2016, they started their company while they were in college; they wanted to make beautiful products and support the education of children in Africa. Their colorful clothes all have specific meanings: blue for opportunity, yellow for richness, purple for passion, etc. Offering clothes for men and women, YEMA is a brand with a cause.

2. Nubian Skin
Founded by Ade Hassa, Nubian Skin is a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery for women of color. One of the best black-owned clothing lines, Hassa’s brand focuses on different shades of nude to empower women and embrace color. You can shop by skin tone and compare your foundation to the nudes that they stock. From fishnets to strapless bras, Nudian Skin is the best choice for your new nude undergarments.

3. All Dem’ Shades
All Dem’ Shades sells apparel for both men and women. Their bold statement pieces are where fashion meets social movement—celebrate melanin, natural hair, and Black Girl Magic. Their signature “Black and Dope” jean jacket is a statement piece, and they carry plenty of other styles to upgrade your wardrobe.

4. Malcolm X Legacy
Harlem Fashion Week showcased Malcolm X Legacy in February of 2018. Started by Malcolm X’s daughters—Attallah, Qubilah, Ilyasah, Gamilah, Malikah, and Malaak—the brand taps into the new era of global social activism. With products ranging from influential t-shirts and sweatshirts, to pillows and canvases, everything is under $50.

5. 10 Deep
In 1995, Scott Sasso developed an independent heritage street fashion brand. Highly detailed, the clothing takes a different approach to traditional sports and workwear. 10 Deep engages within the everchanging interplay of culture, community, and style. They have a plethora of clothing options, ranging from trendy bombers and parkas to unique satchels and hats.

6. Cierra Lynn Collection
Cierra Lynn is a published artist, designer, and teacher whose love for art turned into a profitable business. Her line strives to promote self-love and individuality through art and fashion. Her t-shirts don uplifting phrases, and her shoes promote her incredible artistry. You can also customize jackets and shoes!