Nationwide — Dr. Doresa A. Jennings recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter that has already made its minimum US $2,000 and is encouraged to see an increase in pledges for the remaining period of the campaign. The STEAM Chasers is a book series that follows six characters (Shar, Terrence, Ebony, Akiya, Marcus, and Chase) as they learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) as they discover contributions that Black Americans have made to our everyday lives through the STEAM fields.

Author Dr. Doresa A. Jennings and her bookcover.

The STEAM Chasers is a Middle Grade book series, and the first book is subtitled, “We Made That!” It is an own voices series that delves into themes of social justice along with an exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The characters are relatable and bring six distinct Black American voices to the Middle Grade reader.

The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to get as many copies of the STEAM Chasers: We Made That! book in the hands of kids in homes, libraries, and schools as possible. The campaign is also aiming to raise funds to produce the book in an audio format to be accessible to students with learning and/or physical differences that require them to have an audiobook accommodation. Rewards offered include digital posters, digital copies of the book, print copies of the book, signed printed copies of the book, and “STEAM Chaser kits” that include logoed backpacks and other STEAM themed items. Backers can also sponsor books to be given to libraries, classrooms, and schools of their choice.

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About The STEAM Chasers

The STEAM Chasers will introduce Middle Grade readers to Shar, Terence, Ebony, Akiya, Marcus, and Chase as they go on an adventure learning about the contributions Black Americans have made to our everyday lives through STEAM. They will be introduced to more than a dozen Black American inventors who hold patents for everything from the folding chair to automatic elevator doors. In addition, our readers will learn all about the patent process and what it means to be an inventor.

Shar is one of the bravest kids one will ever meet. Her quick wit and bold commentary help to keep her friends focused on the task at hand. Her love of chemistry is infectious, and she is always ready for an engaging experiment. Terrence is often the voice of reason for Marcus and Chase, yet he still knows how to have a great time. His love of the environment and animals often manifests in him being an all-around kind and gentle soul. He is an expert in model building and mechanical design. Ebony loves all things astronomy, astrophysics, and rockets. She also expertly navigates living in two homes at the same time, something many children face today. Akiya is a walking encyclopedia who is a prolific reader and loves geography and learning about other cultures. Marcus loves all things drone and emerging culture. He is the youngest person to obtain a drone license in his city and is a constant practical joker along with his cousin Chase. Chase is a computer genius who loves programming and app design. He Is also known for a bit of ethical hacking. He and his cousin are known as, “The Lightning and Thunder” – a nickname well earned.

The purpose of this series is two-fold. The first is to introduce all Middle Grade readers to the world of S.T.E.A.M. and provide a blue-print that even upper elementary and middle school students can begin to follow to find their place in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. The second is to introduce all students to contributions to all aspects of S.T.E.A.M. that have been made by Black Americans. This first book covers inventions that impact our everyday lives.

The STEAM Chasers Middle Grade Book Series. The first book in the series is “We Made That!”