Denver, CO — With people of color experiencing a higher death rate from COVID-19 than any other ethnic group in America, virologist, trauma surgeon, and chief medical officer of SRS Inc. Dr. Lane Rolling is offering ways to return to work and school more safely. Dr. Rolling, a certified chemical and biological warfare expert who is dedicated to saving lives and eradicating the coronavirus, is making an urgent call for change by speaking truth to power. His mission is driven by his passion to change today’s COVID-19 statistics to create a brighter tomorrow.

The Covid Hunters: SRS, Inc’s testing team display the tools of the best Covid-19 testing protocols as outlined by virologist, Dr. Lane Rolling and IWC Enviro.

Often called the Black Dr. Fauci, Dr. Rolling’s grassroots efforts include traveling across the country and appearing in virtual town halls and meetings to speak and educate organizations and businesses about COVID-19 and how they can protect themselves from the impending second wave of virus cases. As the Director of TPaIDA Clinical Field Medicine Bio Research International, he conducted research in tropical disease and infectious diseases for approximately 14 years in Peru and worked extensively with native Peruvian shamans to find new drugs.

“This virus is not going away,” Rolling said on a recent podcast with Community Podcaster Sandra “Queenie” Mclean, who recently lost her father to the coronavirus. “The SARS COVID virus has changed our lives forever. The virus is endemic. The second wave will be a game-changer, and we all need to prepare ourselves and protect our families.”

“Dr. Rolling is a profound teacher in the arena of medicine and information as it relates to virology and more importantly COVID 19 and the various protocols to keeping our communities safe,” said Queenie. “More people could benefit from Dr. Rolling and the wealth of knowledge he possesses. And he is such a `straight shooter’ with his information. He speaks to you on a level where you can understand it. Dr. Rolling makes it make sense.”

He shared his knowledge with NFL Legend Ickey Woods, Tennessee State Rep. G.A. Hardaway, and community leaders as far away as Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Rolling talks to thousands of people weekly on the risks, dangers, and ways to guard from COVID-19. He was featured in Georgia Magazine, South Fulton, and on the cover of the award-winning Denver Urban Spectrum in August 2020. He is followed on multiple social media platforms.

Dr. Rolling became the chief medical officer of SRS (Systems Ready Solutions) Inc., a Tennessee-based, minority-owned corporation providing disaster response services, in June. All of the corporate leadership positions of SRS are held by African Americans.

Rolling is helping the company develop several services and products that can integrate into protocols for eliminating the risk of COVID-19 when opening facilities to large numbers of people. These COVID-19 Prevention and Disaster Management Services include biosafety training programs, building testing and construction, and project and facility management. SRS has products to integrate into those services such as a disinfectant and antiseptic hand sanitizer that can be purchased and used by any size facility and even in homes. ProGuardeum Disinfectant Solution is made with hypochlorous acid. This chlorine solution, approved by the EPA and FDA, has been used since 1858 for many purposes from washing food to cleaning contact lenses.

SRS CEO Charles Pickett explained, “You control your environment – you control your spread of the virus. It’s spreading because people are not in protected environments. If you have a plan based on science and medicine alone, you not only can mitigate risk but can find out where the virus is and seek and destroy it.”

His company has been testing in hotels, nursing homes, schools, and a growing diversity of locations. When the virus is found, the building is then disinfected.

On Sept. 22, SRS Inc. and SGE COVID Solutions were selected by the City of Jackson, Mississippi, to set up innovative rapid facilities testing and world-class, state-of-the-art bio-risk safety protocols to pave the way forward for a safer city government.

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