Financial Planner Walter Prescott has self-published a book about reducing personal debt based upon twenty-five years of teaching a class at a community continuing education program called PASCEP. He offers information about financial literacy, the positive and negative aspects of compound interest and debt reduction strategies not taught in most educational institutions in this country. He wrote the book because as a financial planner for thirty years one of the first responses from potential clients was, “I’d love to invest my money but I don’t have any extra money.”

Walter Prescott, author of Debt Management By The Muscle. Photo By Junious Stanton

He realized for people to feel more comfortable about investing, he’d have to show them where and how they could find extra money and gain extra money and freedom by reducing their personal debt. Prescott taught financial planning at Temple University’s PASCEP program for over twenty years. Showing his students how to find and manage their extra money was part of the course he created.

After being in the business full time for thirty years he has retired but he still wants to help people. “I’m no longer teaching in the Temple PASCEP program and I see people still in the same condition, not able to manage their finances. I don’t take on any new clients I’m not in the process of growing the business but this is something people need to know. I thought, ‘I can write a short book on debt reduction because if you reduce your debt you have more money to invest and for other things you might want to do.’” Prescott shared.

Explaining the unusual title of his book, he says he took it from something his daughter said to him when she was planning to purchase a new car. He and his daughter were talking about her plan to buy a new car and he was giving her advice on the best ways to finance the car. Her response was, “I guess I’ll have to do it by the muscle.” She used her father’s strategy and completely paid off her other bills over a few months, then she used the freed-up money to pay more on the car loan principle because they realized putting a larger down payment wasn’t going to reduce the monthly loan payment that much. “We took a seven-year loan but we used the extra money she had after paying off her other bills then applied it to the car loan principle, so she will pay the car off in three years. The seven-year loan gave us a lower payment but she is adding several hundred in freed up money towards the loan principle.”

Debt Management By The Muscle It’s A Workbook Not A Novel offers sound, successful strategies for debt reduction in simple workbook form. It is only thirty-eight pages long, it has large font and it is an easy read.  The book costs $6.94 and you can order it through Amazon. Prescott wanted to provide information that was: easy to understand, offered material the reader could tailor to his or her own situation and experience hands on success and lower their personal debt. “I waned to make it simple. I looked at some of my competitors and they were writing one hundred fifty-page books on debt reduction, that’s not necessary. I took the same material I taught for twenty-five years at Temple University’s PASCEP and the first section was how to find the money. You have to list all your expenses and your cash flow for three consecutive months. If you use this technique for three months, it’s usually very enlightening by the second month and you will be surprised at what you find.”

Prescott eschewed the time and effort to aggressively market the book deciding instead to just sell it on Amazon and let the buyer pay the shipping.  He is available for lectures and can reached via E-mail at