Paulla McCarthy, a Black woman in New York, is the owner of a spring water bottling plant as well as the land from which the spring water is obtained, becoming the first woman in the state to do so.

Water globally is becoming increasingly scarce and the fight for control of drinking sources has led experts to predict that water will become more valuable than gold over the next 50 years, according to a report on Black Wealth News‘ website.

McCarthy has been offered over $20 million from major water companies to sell her property, but she is steadfast in holding on because of the importance of Black ownership of natural resources.

“I’m not going to sell. I want to change and move this narrative that we don’t own anything,” McCarthy told Earn Your Leisure.

She also spoke on the danger of the limited amount of independent water companies saying that big corporations vault the water supplies.

According to  McCarthy, water touches every industry yet the infrastructure for water is over 100 years old and that it would make the effort to keep the industry open and fair.

Check out her appearance on Earn Your Leisure below.