Philadelphia, PA Women In Media (WIM) Global presented the 7th Annual Women In Media Conference, Media Powers: Nothing Moves Without Us in association with Kemorene Inc. in Philadelphia, PA.  Over four days, from November 14, 2019 through November 17, 2019 the organization dedicated to empower, equip and encourage women to own their voices produced an amazing and enlightening platform for women aspiring to enter the industry, already in the industry and those seeking opportunities to build relationships with women in media.

(L-R) Dr. Loretta Long, and Jamila Mustafa. – photo by Terrance Tawzell of TrippleT Media Shots.

As an annual conference since 2013, this year WIM produced the largest event yet. Pulling Media Powers together, WIM Global convened over 25 media professionals to deliver information, excitement, inspiration and authenticity. As in each of WIM Global’s preceding conferences, all things media, communications, arts and entertainment were highlighted. During the conference, attendees had the pleasure to experience informative panel discussions, including the Men In Media Panel, A Circle of Influence Mixer, an Honoree Ceremony and Fireside chat, the inaugural Arête of Media: Arts and Entertainment Brunch and an array of liberating workshops.

Actress, producer, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and honoree Yandy Smith Harris, was asked what was her media superpower. She answered “Kill them with kindness, it’s that simple.” And kind she is. During the conference Harris spent time sincerely speaking with each and every attendee that came to her table as she promoted her natural skincare line, Yelle. She also offered a listening ear, and great advice to women as they shared their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Attendees also received fiery motivation as international award winning broadcast journalist, host and actress Jamila Mustafa told her story of persistence and determination, encouraging everyone in the room during the Arête of Media: Arts and Entertainment Brunch.

Founder of WIM Global Danielle P. Jeter said “This year we really wanted to emphasize the collaboration over competition and really the idea that nothing happens in society today without it happening on the main stage of media.” That is exactly what the conference demonstrated through its tantalizing talks, whiskful workshops, and necessary networking.  To stay informed of everything WIM Global, visit