Nationwide — Dr. Lisa K. Brown is the founder of Perfected Papers Plus, specializing in helping doctoral candidates complete the dissertation process. In November of 2022, Perfected Papers Plus will host a Dissertation Writer’s Retreat, offering a professional dissertation editing, coaching, and mental wellness program to support Black Doctoral candidates through the most rigorous part of their requirements.

Black scholars obtaining their doctorate reflected roughly 5% of all scholars completing doctoral programs in the past few years, despite the wide reporting of the rising number of Black women obtaining their Master’s degree while facing the same disparities prevalent in our nation’s educational systems.

What hinders Black doctoral students may be as simple as not having access to the right support network. Many doctoral candidates are not aware of the resources in place to support them through the process. The culture of our people and the nature of Black excellence leads many scholars to believe that to complete their studies with integrity, they must complete every aspect of the process without assistance. Many of these same students do not realize utilizing the services of a professional academic editor or proofreader is permitted, when in fact, universities often encourage it.

Professional dissertation editing is similar in many ways to SAT preparatory courses. Those who can afford these programs have an easier route to a higher score because they have been introduced to the methodology by a network whose mission is helping others to master this part of the process. Similarly, Perfected Papers Plus offers doctoral students professional editing, coaching, and insights from an African American Ph.D. scholar, one they can identify with and who understands the very challenges they may be facing.

“Doctoral candidates of all races struggle and drop out of programs all the time. The process is grueling,” says Dr. Lisa K. Brown, founder of Perfected Papers Plus. “For Black scholars who have committed to this, investing both time and money, it can get overwhelming. Blaming the broken pipeline, now, is not an option.”

“Many of the doctoral candidates have come through the public school system and made it this far while still struggling to articulate themselves within the context of their writing. By this point, though, they’ve done the work, so they have what it takes. My job is to use my insights to guide them along in their process until they’ve reached the goal themselves. Those students who reach out to Perfected Papers Plus are willing to hang in there, and I am right there with them, motivating them all the way through. I am Dr. Lisa K. Brown, and as you can see, I have made it my business to help others become a doctor, too.”

For doctoral candidates preparing for the dissertation process, The Dissertation Writer’s Retreat is all about aligning these doctoral candidates with what they need to reach this goal. This event features one-on-one coaching sessions, a keynote panel, workshops, and the wellness component.

The Retreat will take place from Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6, 2022, in the Poconos at Camelback Resort in Tannersville, PA. There are only a few seats remaining. REGISTER TODAY at

Perfected Papers Plus provides professional academic editing, research services, and coaching for doctoral candidates preparing for or currently engaged in the dissertation process. For further information or visit or to register for the Dissertation Writer’s Retreat, visit

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