On Sunday February 21, 2018 PEAK Scholars Academy presented Man Your Brand Part 2, a personal and professional branding workshop. As a signature branding and innovation workshop, Man Your Brand aimed to place millennials in a position to learn about branding and business strategy.

Photo Courtesy of PEAK Scholars Academy

It was a cool atmosphere, with great energy. As DJ Klouds spun, the music rhythmically connected all of the participants. Beginning as an activity and spanning to a workshop, the Man Your Brand series aimed to educate attendees on how to start their personal brand, how to create an effective business strategy, how to identify and target a core demographic, how to form their brand’s name, logo and motto, and how to create and launch a campaign.

Creators Brandon Ballard and Jordan Bailey introduced Man Your Brand as a platform for millennials to educate themselves in branding. However, the information conveyed can be utilized by entrepreneurs of all ages. Beginning with an interactive discussion, panelists Brianna De Mayo of Taste Creators, Singer/Songwriter Suzann Christine and Musician Indigo Speaks dropped jewels of wisdom on the crowd. With the information given, participants gained the knowledge and skills necessary to establish their own brand. Lucky attendees were even awarded tickets to workshops and free advertisement from sponsors such as the REC and the Philly Youth App.

During the discussion, panelist Brianna De Mayo of Taste Creators stated, “Knowing who you are is important. Fill the gaps. What’s missing? What can I bring to the table?” Suzann Christine followed up by adding the importance of loyalty. What does my company stand for, she asked. She continued to say, “Loyalty comes into place when an audience knows what to expect. You create loyalty.”

Photo Courtesy of PEAK Scholars Academy

Following the discussion, the room is divided into four groups, and tasked with creating their very own brands. This exercise introduced and educated the attendees on the principles and techniques related to branding. Each group congregated for a 15-minute breakout session and generated four very unique brands. Each complete with names, a mission, target audience and delivery methods. Each brand created was realistic, could very well fill a current gap, and could be a real company.

When speaking with Brandon Ballard, he stated PEAK Student Development & Enrichment is all about transparency. He continued to say he wants to instill effective communication in the community. Further, Brandon continued to say he wants to bring together passionate people. In addition to the Man Your Brand workshop series, as a global empowering initiative for young people PEAK also offers the It Could Be Easy workshop designed to master their own process of setting and executing goals and the PEAK Mobile Tour, impactful presentations coordinated with the School District of Philadelphia. The next upcoming PEAK event is It Could Be Easy Part 3, Sunday March 11, 2018 from 2-5pm at 2101 West 65th Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. For more information, you can keep up with PEAK Student Development and Enrichment via Facebook and Instagram @peakscholarsacademy.