Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia natives, and twin filmmakers Eli and Lu Bevins released their “Sound Mind” Cinematic Mixtape. Co-founders of Eli Lu Entertainment, the sisters are also known as the spoken word duo, “Eli Lu.” Sound Mind, a visual and audio delight consists of 12 short films that coincide with 12 soul touching tracks. The collection assures the audience, Sound Mind.

For Sound Mind, Eli and Lu Bevins worked with Executive Producer, Derrick Dean and their small production team made up of writers, creatives, artists, photographers, and other filmmakers for almost two years to complete the project. Though the production of Sound Mind was initiated prior to Covid-19, the twin filmmakers strategically and effectively utilized their time. The pair also worked with over 150+ actors and other talent in the Philadelphia region and tri-state area on Sound Mind.

This cinematic project consists of the following short films and tracks: “Kiss of Judas”, “Breaking Me Down”, “Evil People”, “No Longer Home”, “Habakkuk”, “Same Ol’ River”, “The Epidemic”, “Doors Off Hinges”, “Sincerely, Dream”, “Too Soon”, “Amaryllis”, and “Sound Mind.” With each of these short films are the accompaniment of a heart-felt music track. Rather than shooting in the style of a music video showcasing the artist, the poetic/hip hop pieces focus on the visuals that encourages audiences to pay more attention to the lyrics, message, and thought-provoking storylines.

Sound Mind is made up of various genres, subjects and time period pieces with a mesh of spoken word, dance, rap, music, and film. The short films were shot in various locations around Philadelphia such as “The Eastern State Penitentiary,” the historic “Belmont Mansion” museum and “Joe Hand Boxing Gym,” just to name a few. Combining various forms of art, Eli Lu targets various social issues such as breaking stereotypes seen in the “Doors Off Hinges” film, to inspire one to love their true beauty, which is the underlying theme in the spoken word folk tale film, “Amaryllis”. With inspiring lyrics such as “We got the pride, Rock with us through the night.”

When asked about some of the challenges they faced as independent filmmakers, the twins recollected on their childhood and being resourceful and even creating their own Halloween costumes each year. Fast forward, the lessons learned as a child enabled them to create and re-enact scenes from the 1930’s inspired by Paul Robeson and even the state penitentiary. They stated, they didn’t want to settle for anything. “Everything was very specific.”

This hard-working duo is worth following and taking note of. The messages conveyed in their artistry are those of awareness, determination, encouragement, motivation, pain, struggle and living through it all with a Sound Mind. Visit their website, You can view “Sound Mind” Cinematic Mixtape on Eli Lu’s YouTube page. In addition, you can support and donate to their mission through their Gofundme Campaign.