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Studio 2e Brings Creatives Together

With Studio 2e, the possibilities are endless. Studio 2e is a collective between several people including Keith Lewis of Keith Lewis Photography, Derrick Shaw of Ruby Street Productions, Dante Johnson of Eagles Talk and Marc Fantini of Red Van Films. Studio 2e offers 3,000 square feet, which includes a seating area, 16 foot cyc wall, green screen, seamless paper backgrounds, black out curtains, state of the art equipment and an array of furniture and props that members have full access to.

photo courtesy of Studio 2e.

The collective came to fruition after each of the founders experienced more than their own fair share of failed attempts to rent space and the constant need to have a space to work out of. As a result, each of them understood the lack of access and resources within the photography, video and filmmaking industry. From that, was the birth of a full service facility open to photographers and filmmakers.

Along with the access Studio 2e provides, the studio also hosts networking opportunities, tutorials and classes. Studio 2e is a hub for networking and building relationships as that is how the original relationships among the founders were established. Dante, Derrick and Marc all worked together. However, none of them knew of the others similar aspirations until a fateful conversation at the lunch table. Shortly thereafter, they met Keith and bonded. Their first film was done in 2013 “Blissfully Unmarried” and can be viewed on Amazon.

photo courtesy of Studio 2e.

Just as the African proverb states, “It takes a village,” so says Studio 2e. Studio 2e opens its doors to several young individuals interested in the industry. One example is Derrick reaching out to film students to incorporating them on projects and give them exposure and the opportunity for hands in experience. One of the students is currently interviewing with major corporations on the industry such as Nickelodeon.

Another example is a young lady who is 16 years old. She was interested in an event being held at the studio, however it was for individuals 18 and over. She wrote the most professional, well thought, well written letter to Keith asking if the Studio would host an event for the youth. She further expressed her concern regarding the youth and their lack of access and that there are so many people that say they will do something, and never follow up. Her email captured the heart of Keith Lewis so much so, that she was given 4 hours of studio time, with a limitless potential.

photo courtesy of Studio 2e.

This is an amazing example of how the open doors at Studio 2e are changing lives one photo, one reel at a time. Studio 2e had an event on February 23. Studio 2e hosted a photography workshop on portrait and fashion lighting. This was a hands on experience where participants learned various types of lighting setups and had access to various types of lighting gear, including: on camera flashes, strobes and continuous lights. Attendees also learned the basics of three point lighting along with how to effectively use a light meter. Good lighting skills are essential for any photographer that is looking to book paying clients. These skills will increase value and will help attendees remain competitive in today’s market. For more information or to contact Studio 2e, visit www.mystudiorental.com.



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