Chicago, IL – It has been three years since LaShonda Carter had Larresha Plummer in her class – but that didn’t stop her from answering her student’s request for help last week.

Lashona Carter and Larresha Plummer Released.

One night when Carter was having trouble sleeping, she started checking her social media pages at about 3AM. As she was browsing the internet, however, she received a message from 18-year-old Plummer.

Plummer explained how she was going through some tough times. She had just given birth to a baby and even though she was trying to go to a job fair the very next morning, she knew that it would be unhealthy for the baby to be on public transit. Thus, she had no idea how to the fair.

Carter immediately offered to pick up the young mother and drive her to the job fair the next morning.

Hours later, Carter took Plummer to the fair and proceeded to sit in the car with the weeks-old infant while her ex-student applied for jobs.

Carter first met Plummer when she was teaching at Harper High School in Chicago, Illinois. The two shared a fond friendship, and even after Carter started teaching at another school, they remained in contact through social media for the following years.

Carter, who says that she will always be there for her students, then posted a Facebook Live video from her car asking for her community members to lend a hand by donating clothes, supplies, and food for the baby.

“Sometimes as a teacher, our jobs go beyond the classroom… she’s a young teenage mom, and she needs some help,” said Carter. “I’m gonna do what I can, as much as I can as an educator, but know I can’t do it all by myself.”

There has not yet been an update on how many donations have been made to aid Plummer’s role as a parent, but Carter’s Facebook Live video has already garnered thousands of views and comments offering assistance.

Additionally, Carter told CNN that the young mother has now found a job and will soon be attending college.