Philadelphia, PA – Imagine entering upon the most serene and tranquil space and being greeted with the sweetest aromatic scents, people and pleasantries. Now, envision that at this location you can embrace the one stop shop facility focused on overall cosmetic health and offering all basic spa services. Dream no more, because the Glam Salon and Spa the only African American female owned salon and spa that offers a one stop facility that is focused on all basic spa services is the place to go.

Glam Salon and Spa owners, Myra (L) and Dana (R) Photo by Nex.

It all began when Glam Salon and Spa Co-Owner Myra found herself constantly buying hair and changing her hair extensions at the least, every two weeks. With this plight in mind, she searched and searched and researched until she found a luxury brand of hair that would last for years. The hair and hair extension industry has challenging barriers of entry, especially for minority women. So when Myra and Dana were able to successfully get into the business, it was truly a blessing. And so began the journey.

Eight years ago, a dynamic mother and daughter duo Myra and Dana, decided to embark on a business venture and sell hair extensions. Initially, the dedicated duo began to sell hair literally out of the trunk of their cars. However, with an incredibly high demand due the extraordinary quality of hair extensions they sold, after only eight months the pair decided it was necessary to open a brick and mortar location to provide their products.
After operating their salon for years, founders Myra and Dana wanted to create a luxury glamorous salon that would prove to be a one stop shop. And they have created just that. The Glam Salon and Spa offers a variety of services including hair extensions, hair styling, nail services, teeth whitening, waxing, body contouring, detox wraps and even V-Steams.
From the moment you turn the corner you encounter the VIP style cobblestone walkway. Next you will see the beautiful upscale signage, delicately designed wall décor and fixtures fit for a queen. The Glam Salon is every woman’s ideal place to relax and finetune themselves. Myra said, “We wanted to get a luxury and glamorous shop, where woman could come and feel special and not have to go to different places just to get one service. So, when you come here you know you’ll leave with your hair looking good, body looking good. And everything in between.”

Glam Salon and Spa offers non-invasive body contouring services through cavitation, a process that uses sound waves. As many women are interested in sculpting their body, Shamira, the Body Contouring Specialist at Glam mentioned some of the benefits of the non-invasive services they provide. Some of the benefits include no anesthesia or surgery, no doctor’s care, no pain or medication, and its less expensive than invasive surgery such as liposuction and butt lifts. Even more the treatments are permanent, builds healthy collagen and you can even see results after the first session. However, note it takes a few treatments for the best results.
The Glam Salon and Spa not only delivers amazing services, but also offers tutorials as well. Currently Glam offers tutorials on the newest trend Micro links, an attachment of extensions by using a silicone bead. They also will offer build your own spa classes which will focus on body contouring and teeth whitening.

As mother and daughter, Myra and Dana have a beautiful personal and professional relationship. Myra mentioned, “A big thing is me and my mother are friends. I still have a respect level. I don’t curse in front my mother. We have a good friendship.” Through their story, they convey messages of how to build and maintain relationships, persistence, hard work, dedication and determination. All of which are necessary to be entrepreneurs, which runs in their family. Seeing her mother Dana successfully run a previous business, Myra knew she could attain such an accomplishment in entrepreneurship.

Along with the services provided, The Glam Salon and Spa has teamed with Softly Rugged, natural line of quality skin care and aromatherapy products. The Softly Rugged aromatherapy embraces with warm notes when you enter. And sweetly caresses you through your entire rejuvenation. Additionally, The CEO of Softly Rugged Monique O’Neal and Journalist Shaneen Speaks will highlight a platform to encourage women through chronicling their services at the Glam Salon and Spa.

On August 3rd, The Glam Salon and Spa hosted “A Glamorous Night In Philly” Social Mixer Party and announced the insider’s and influencers beauty scoop Glamorous Us! The Summertime Night Party & Bubblin’ Dinner was a night filled with champagne coupled with great food, entertainment and industry networking opportunities. This was an amazing opportunity to get a taste of all that Glam has to offer.
Looking to the future, the women of Glam have similar aspirations. Myra’s five to ten-year goal for Glam is to build with her team and each person have their own Glam franchise in a separate city. She’d like to continue to build what they have started. Dana’s goal is sincerely to have everything up and running, every station, every chair. Shakira’s goals are to finish nursing school and expand with Glam. And Brooke’s goal is to educate women on after care for waxing. She said it’s important to exfoliate, something women she bore educated about.

The Glam Salon and Spa is a phenomenal place to take care of all of your personal upkeep needs. Not only does the salon serve women, but men are welcome as well. For more information on how you can be Glam, you can contact the Glam Salon and Spa at 611 S. Orianna Street in Philadelphia or online and on Instagram @glamsalonandspa_