Nationwide — Majesty and Elize have founded, a free membership platform that uses the power of real estate to protect the economic, health, and political interests of Black people globally. With the support of 3,000 members, they have moved forward to develop an affordable, sustainable, community in Atlanta, GA.

Majesty & Elize to make affordable housing eco-friendly, socially conscious, and modern.

The new development will provide cost-effective, contemporary homes for people who are disproportionately affected by the housing crisis in the metro area. Members of EVOPIA have an opportunity to get involved with this development and other commercial real estate projects. The new homes will serve as a family-friendly community and will offer services like financial literacy and job training to residents. EVOPIA has successfully renovated residential property for this purpose, and are under contract to purchase a 45,000sq ft hotel to provide more shelter during the pandemic.

The non-profit focuses on pooling the resources within the black community for the benefit of the entire African diaspora. EVOPIA is establishing 25 chapters across the country to rehabilitate black neighborhoods. Each chapter will be responsible for opening a local food bank.

EVOPIA strongly believes in its motto, “We Have Power”, as they strive to provide resources, education, and opportunities for the African American community. Join EVOPIA for free today at to learn more. Follow Majesty and Elize as they develop real estate to help offer life-sustaining resources to the Black diaspora on Instagram @Majesty_Elize and at their website at

For press inquiries, contact Kenya Hadnot at or 404-865-1221