PHILADELPHIA – Stressed about doing your income taxes? No worries. The Campaign for Working Families’ (CWF) free tax preparation services will take the stress out of your tax filing. CWF recently kicked off the 2024 tax season with the grand opening of its new headquarters at 935 N. 29th Street. CWF has implemented and managed Pennsylvania’s largest free VITA program for over 10 years, filing over 42,000 returns. Free state and federal income tax preparation began January 22 at over 20 CWF locations in SE Pennsylvania and five in New Jersey. SE Pennsylvania locations include Philadelphia, Montgomery County Community College and State Sen. Tim Kearney’s Upper Darby office. The nonprofit provides an invaluable service to individuals and families through its free tax preparation services as a pivotal resource in the community for financial empowerment; access to tax credits; error reduction and fraud prevention; and economic stimulus.

“The Campaign for Working Families’ free tax service is more than just a convenience,” said CWF President/CEO Nikia Owens, Ph.D. “It is a critical support system that enhances financial stability, stimulates local economies, and fosters a more informed and empowered community. By addressing the immediate needs of accurate tax filing and providing information on financial matters, the Campaign is making a profound and lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families. Campaign for Working Families is more than just a tax service; we are a partner in a person’s financial journey.”

CWF now offers four tax filing options including the new virtual drop-off option.

  1. In-Person Services: For those who prefer face-to-face interaction, in-person services provide direct access to certified tax professionals, ensuring personalized guidance and support.
  2. Regular Drop-Off Services: Perfect for busy individuals, this option allows taxpayers to drop off their tax documents at a CWF secure location and return to collect their completed returns at a later time.
  3. Virtual Drop-Off Services: The newest offering caters to the digital age, allowing taxpayers to drop off their tax documents at a CWF secure location and engage with CWF tax professionals remotely, blending convenience with the high-quality.
  4. Virtual Services: This service allows taxpayers to submit their documents electronically and engage with CWF tax professionals remotely, blending convenience with the high-quality service.


“The Campaign for Working Families is proud to announce the introduction of a virtual drop-off option to its comprehensive suite of tax preparation services,” Owens explained. “The Campaign for Working Families’ virtual tax preparation service via the GetYourRefund platform exemplifies a modern approach to tax assistance, merging the expertise of certified tax professionals with the convenience and efficiency of digital technology. This innovative service model ensures those who cannot attend in-person tax preparation services can access high-quality tax assistance, reflecting the Campaign’s commitment to financial empowerment and inclusivity. This addition is designed to offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring that every taxpayer can access top-tier tax assistance in a way that best suits their schedule and needs.”

You must bring the following documents for you, your spouse and anyone you are claiming as a dependent.

  1. Current driver’s license, state ID, passport, Green Card, or Employment Authorization Card and birth dates for all household members
  2. Social Security card or another Social Security document with full SSN on it.
  3. W-2 and 1099 forms for income, pensions or Social Security, or unemployment received last year; plus your previous year’s tax return (if available)
  4. Year-end statement for childcare expenses and Social Security number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the provider
  5. 1098-T form for any college/ trade school expenses paid
  6. 1095-A statement (if applicable) and total all expenses plus bills/receipts for medicine and doctor’s visits as backup
  7. Property tax


“At CWF, we believe that tax preparation is not just about filing returns but is a gateway to financial empowerment and stability,” stated Owens. “Recognizing that tax time can also be an opportunity for broader financial assessment and planning, CWF is committed to offering holistic support beyond tax preparation. We understand many taxpayers face a myriad of financial challenges and opportunities, and CWF’s goal is to provide a supportive, resource-rich environment.”

CWF also offers people assistance navigating the complexities of public benefits or unemployment. Recognizing the pivotal role that banking services play in financial empowerment, it assists unbanked individuals in exploring their options, opening accounts, and embracing the security and convenience that banking offers.

For information on more financial resources, CWF locations, make appointments or volunteer, visit, email or call 215-454-6483.