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Barber-Comedian Turned Entrepreneur Launches New Line of Black Men’s Hair Grooming Products

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Nationwide — Garrick Dixon just recently launched his Dixon’s 1737 Men’s Hair Grooming Products, and it has already taken Hollywood by storm. Notables such as Sean Kingston, David Banner, Tony Rock, Eric Benet, Joe Torry, and DC Young Fly are just a few of the celebrities endorsing the Maryland native’s signature brand. What is the barber-comedian-turned-entrepreneur’s secret? It appears an odd mix of love and frustration.

In 2002, Garrick moved to Los Angeles landing clients such as Dave Chappelle, Idris Elba, Mike Epps, and Terrence Howard. As a celebrity barber Garrick’s was more than a cut-smith. His real job became helping these men be the best version of themselves.

Over the next decade-plus as a barber/entertainer, Garrick’s main skill set switched from comedy, acting, or even cutting hair to helping black men feel confident in themselves. This was the real end goal of any interaction, conversation, or haircut for his clients.

Garrick comments, “Confidence is not just a look or feel. It’s both. And it’s not vanity! Don’t let anybody tell you that. It’s self-love and its value cannot be overstated, especially in the Black Community. I want my people to feel the way they look and look that way the feel. Confidence breeds success and that’s what I want for all my folks.”

Throughout his tenure on the Hollywood scene, however, Garrick was consistently frustrated with the quality of men’s products being made, especially for African American men. They needed a brand that worked for their textures and barber cuts but above all they deserve products that deliver on the promise of making men feel good and have the confidence to be their authentic self. And that’s what led to Dixon’s 1737 men’s grooming brand and its surprising appeal among Hollywood go-getters.

“In short, it’s a product with promise. It works, which helps you work to become who you want to be,” says Tony Rock.

Learn more about the products at http://www.thedixonman.com


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