Philadelphia, PA – When the masterminds behind Glocawear Big Ben, Shab Bananas and Tucan were playing around with ideas for t-shirts, they never thought it would thrive like it did. Back in 2001 they started designing and selling their own line of t-shirts. Little did they know they created a blueprint for the custom t-shirt business. Years later, they are now the Champs of the T-Shirt Game.

The trio began by designing t-shirts every day. As soon as the shirts were hot off the press they would dash to hair salons, shops and then to the streets to unload the fire they had in the form of t-shirt apparel. Exuding genuineness, enabled them to lock their product in with numerous markets including the streets and celebrities. Some of the first celebs donning the Glocawear brand was Allen Iverson, Fat Joe & The Terror Squad, The Clipse, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. Keeping it pushing Glocawear was even able to integrate into corporate sales, as the first people from the hood with an account with City Blue, and in all 30 stores.

Moving forward, Glocawear launched the radio station, a 24/7 streaming radio station. With their own radio station, Glocawear continues to practice the freedom of speech, individuality and creativity that was initiated by the Glocawear t-shirt line. Being so heavily connected in hip hop, the transition to introduce the radio station was smooth and almost a no brainer. Now six years later, The G Shop, as it is affectionately referred to, has their ears to the streets. Because of their independence, they have the choice to play what they want, when they want and how they want. So when you hear something banging on you know its official.

With the understanding of what may be associated with the tag name Glocawear, Tucan mentioned the importance of showing love and supporting the community. He said, “The basis of what’s on the shirts is homicide is the number 1 cause of death of the black youth. Be easy. It’s not them that’s killing us. But it’s us that’s killing us. As responsible adults we are trying to do the right thing.” In attempts to support the community, Glocawear hosts numerous events including showcases. As resource and access is critical in any business or industry, the G Shop offers internships as a way to give back and give those that are up and coming some game.

Taking it to the next level, Glocawear is currently in the finishing stages for their own reality television show. Coming soon, you will find their show on Zango TV. With Glocawear, you can be sure it will not stop there. For more information on Glocawear, the radio station, the retail shop, the reality show and everything else Glocawear related visit