Parkway Center City Middle College Students Begin Taking Classes at Community College of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — Students attending The School District of Philadelphia’s new Parkway Center City Middle College this fall began the first step in their high school careers with the opening of the Summer Bridge program at the Community College of Philadelphia. This program allows incoming freshmen at the Middle College to begin to earn college credit before taking their first high school classes later this year.

Students from Parkway Center City Middle College | Photo by Elizabeth H. Field |

Middle College High Schools are innovative, evidence-based school models designed to provide students with the unique opportunity to take a blend of high school and college level courses in order to earn their high school diploma. In addition to an Associate’s Degree, or two years of college credit upon entering a 4-year college.

“Today is just the first step in the exciting educational journey our students at Parkway Center City Middle College will embark on throughout their time in high school,” said Dr. William R. Hite, Superintendent. “We know that when students are exposed to a college environment in high school, they are more successful in college and career. As our students experience the high-quality, inquiry-based environment offered by the Summer Bridge program, we know we are setting them up to excel.”

Dr. Hite joined Parkway Center City Middle College Principal Anh Brown and Dr. Donald Guy Generals, President of Community College of Philadelphia, at an event at the college celebrating the beginning of the Summer Bridge program.The goal of the collaboration between the District and Community College of Philadelphia is to provide students in Philadelphia a rigorous high school education with the added value of a college degree.Graduates of Parkway Center City Middle College may earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, a Certificate in Computer Programming, and/or an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts.

Earlier this year, parents of students enrolling at Parkway Center City Middle College this fall attended orientation at the school. Students who earned admission to the school had to meet the following criteria:

• A record of exemplary attendance and punctuality
• Grades of A’s, B’s, and only 1 C in major subjects
• No negative disciplinary reports
• Strong standardized test performance
• Demonstrate an attitude of aspirations to attend college
• Participation in the required Interview Process
• Commitment to attend the five-week Summer Bridge Program

The school will also feature the following extracurricular activities: Tutoring, Drama, Robotics, Senior Committees, Student Government, Anime Club, Dance Club, Cooking Club, Yearbook, Eat Right Now, Prom Committee, Poetry Club, and Chess Club. In addition, the athletics program will include: Cheerleading, Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball, Baseball, Girls’ and Boys’ Track, and Cooperative Sports — Football, Soccer and Softball.