Los Angeles, CA — Afrizar, the online African marketplace offering authentic made-in-Africa products, was launched in 2017. Since then, hundreds of merchants and artisans from all over the world have been registering to the eCommerce platform bringing an assortment of over 2,000 unique African merchandise all in one platform.

Afrizar Marketplace Offers Authentic African Products

Lovers of African products no longer need a passport, currency exchange or to travel outside of their own zip code to get authentic African products. With a click of a button, you can now buy African groceries, African art, African clothing in traditionally woven Ghanaian Kente cloth, Nigerian pre-tie head wraps known as autogele, Authentic Ankara dresses, African wedding dresses, Malian Bazins, real African fabrics. Authentic Woodin fabric or the authentic African black soap and raw African Shea Butter delivered to your doorstep. The African platform also provides services where customers can request for custom made African dresses by African Tailors and designers from all over Africa.

Also, Africans in the Diaspora can now buy their favorite foods and traditional ready made clothing from a click of a button on Afrizar.com. Merchants and artisans that are based in Africa, are also able to deliver products worldwide via DHL an Afrizar shipping partner within few days to Afrizar’s customers.

While African Artisans continues to take pride in artistry which has been passed to them from generations, they have also experienced stagnation over the pass decades. This is because a lot of African fabrics, art, handbags are often mass produced, marketed as ‘African’ or ‘Tribal,’ but Made in China and sold around the world. This continues to place African artisans and entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. Afrizar’s goal is to empower the African Artisans as business owners and to ensure that Artisans are being brought to the forefront to compete in today’s global economy. This will help thousands of African’s Artisans to make a living, support their families and pass their skills and talents to the next generations to come.

The Benefits of Selling or Buying on Afrizar are:

* A wide range of merchant opportunities with endless benefits…

* Selling on Afrizar is less expensive than maintaining your own website

* Afrizar attracts customers from around the world and facilitates the interaction between buyers and sellers in a secure platform;

* They are rapidly growing their social media following. Since their website’s launch in September 2017, they have connected to over 25,000 followers across social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) platforms, and they expect their growing popularity to increase sales. They have thousands of buyers already registered on the site.

The benefits of buying from the Afrizar platform are many:

* Every purchase made on Afrizar is empowering small minority business owners who are mostly women.

* Every transaction on Afrizar is helping Artisans make a living and support their families, there are no middleman who usually will buy products from these artisans for pennies but turn around and sell them for enormous amounts. On Afrizar, the Artisans gets 100% of the profit.

Afrizar facilitates the payment between the buyers and sellers, therefore any transaction made stays within the platform until the seller has shipped product and tracking number is validated. It’s only at that point that the sellers get payments. Your payments are secured and buyer’s protection is guaranteed.

Afrizar is not only a marketplace to “buy and sell,” but also a social platform. They are an online community of merchants and artisans with skills passed from our ancestors that they want to preserve and ensure the African culture and traditions are not lost by making and selling products that are made in Africa. Sharing the history behind the products as a way to connect our African American brothers and Sisters to their African heritage.

Their mission is to make Authentic African products widely available while ensuring the items are Made-In Africa.

Those who wish to become vendors and emerge on this African marketplace should register online at www.afrizar.com/sell/