Second-grader and new barber Neijae Graham-Henries (left) with her mentor, P. Michael Boone. (Photo: Courtesy of P. Michael Boone)

Philadelphia – Neijae Graham-Henries may be young, but the second-grader is already making a name for herself in the hair business.

The 8-year-old protégé of Philadelphia barber P. Michael Boone attended the Junior Barber Academy over the summer and has been blazing a trail since completing the program.

Boone, who has been a barber for 25 years, says he designed the six-week program with young men in mind. “I wanted to teach young men to be self-sufficient and cut their own hair when they went away to college,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “My students learn the fundamentals of men’s haircuts — safety, cleanliness, clipper control, and hair strokes.”