Philadelphia, PA – The natural hair care journey is filled with beautiful twists and coaxial curves. However, for those on the journey, every day may not be sunshine. But it can be thanks to Award-Winning Cosmetologist, Salon Owner and Inventor, Michele Nathan. Nathan created the Wet Wand, the first heat and electric free hair styling tool that tames naturally curly and kinky hair.

Wet Wand customer. Photo courtesy of Wet Wand.

Michele Nathan has been in the hair care industry for over 20 years, is a trusted hair stylist and has a faithful following of clients. Though her bright story began with tragedy, Nathan has manifested triumph. After tragically losing her father at the tender age of 9, Nathan began working in her aunt’s salon at 11 years old to ease her mother’s burden. She always exuded entrepreneurship, and even had her first patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office at the age of 18.

At this point, she was clearly driven. Continuing to work in her aunt’s salon through high school, she mastered the art of Cosmetology. Nathan then opened her own salon, and maintained a dedicated book of clients. After successfully operating the salon for years, she was faced with a client that requested a natural style, with no heat and minimal time. The Champ was on it. From there the Wet Wand was created. She said, “I saw a need and filled a need. That’s what inventions are all about.”

Ideally the Wet Wand is for hair characterized as 3B-4B, and even 4c if the hair is fine and soft. Believe it or not, the Wet Wand is easy to use. Simply wet the hair, part it, twirl it with the wand, and release. The results are luxurious and long-lasting coils and curls.  There are numerous benefits to using the Wet Wand, including that it does not use any heat, has a long-term hold, saves time, saves space, leaves hair frizz-free, and it is portable.

The Wet Wand can be utilized by so many different types of users. Beyond women, the Wet Wand can be used by men as well. For guys that want that curly top or train their curly mane, the Wet Wand can achieve the look. Others Nathan stated could benefit from the Wet Wand were straight haired families with curly haired children. These days, there are an increasing number of straight haired parents with curly haired children be it through mixed race relationships or even adoption. With the Wet Wand, Nathan said she wants to bridge the gap between straight and curly hair within families.

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