Maywood, IL — The pay system used by the United States Postal Service and many other government agencies has become outdated in a sense that technological advancements of today is no longer compatible with the slow-paced practices from decades ago. Unfortunately, the postal system of America has seen no change in the processes they use in recording clockable hours and converting this to employee income.

Larry Pinson, founder of the CHAPPS payroll system, with the legendary Jane Fonda.

Larry Pinson Sr. took the initiative to create an organized system that can be better understood by the ones who are using it. In his book CHAPPS: Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System, he explains how postal employees are being paid unfairly in the current system, and it shouldn’t be the case if people are more aware of how each hour of their work is being commissioned. He also includes information and explanation on non-scheduled days, part-time flexis, overtimes, night differentials, leaves, holidays, and much more.

The best part is that CHAPPS is not only limited to the US postal system. Government employees, like city and county staff, teachers, police officers, firemen, public transportation employees, as well as private sector business could benefit with what Larry Pinson proposes in his instructional book.