Nationwide — Meet Shequeena McKenzie, who at 28-years old has become the first Black female judge in the city of McComb, Mississippi.

“It was a surreal moment because I work hard, I have faith,” McKenzie told WJTV, “The next thing you know you start reaping the benefits of the things you have invested into. It was definitely a full-circle moment for me.”

McKenzie, who grew up in McComb, has always wanted to become a lawyer to be the change. She took up Political Science with Human Rights minor at the University of Southern Mississippi.

She then moved to Jackson and went to Mississippi College School of Law where she received her law degree and graduated Cum Laude. At that time, she also practiced law part-time.

“I went to law because I did not want to talk about what wasn’t being done,” said McKenzie, “I did not want to sit there and dwell on the negativity. I asked myself what I could do to help out the world.”

McKenzie said she was inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris, who also made history as the first female and first Black vice president of the United States. Likewise, she wanted to give hope to other young women.

“Sometimes you will enter the room and no one will look like you,” said McKenzie, “Do not let that overcome your abilities. You belong in that room. You deserve to be in that room. It is a mindset you have to get. Once you get that mindset, do not let anyone stop you.”