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Creator of Apologues Live, Zarinah Lomax. Photo courtesy of Snapture Photos.

As violence and trauma have become the silent norm for our country, art continues to speak loudly. Apologues Live, was an event that channeled transparency from victims, survivors and loved ones hurt to generate and advocate for change. The show meshed creatives’ use of art, fashion and music to meet “Where Art Connects Change.”

Photo courtesy of Snapture Photos.

The definition of an apologue is an allegorical narrative usually intended to convey a moral. Creator of Apologues Live, Zarinah Lomax and host innovative fashion stylist Charles Gregory accomplished just that. Through telling Zarinah’s story of loss, highlighting others, displaying unique and creative fashion, exhibiting enthralling art work and the musical delight, Apologues Live conveyed the messages of survivors.

The goal of Apologues Live was to tell the stories of survivors of those lost to gun violence, opioid abuse, domestic violence, bullying and other issues. As the stories of 50 families from around the world were told, the audience was led through emotions of anger, rage, guilt, pain, confusion, peace, happiness, joy, comfort and forgiveness. Interestingly, the segment titled “This Is America” displayed posters of killers that look like everyday people including the DC Sniper, George Zimmerman and Dylann Roof.

Photo courtesy of Snapture Photos.

Apologues Live featured amazing talent of young phenoms. From the youngest models around age 5, to the 8 year-old rapper Lil Fozzie, the youth showed up and showed out. But it was not only the youth, every participant made the event EPIC. Behind the stage, Julie Wilch, who is well known for her poise, experience, and wit assisted with the production of the show. When asked how she became involved, she mentioned when she met Zarinah and heard what the event was all about, she was happy to be a part and support.

Photo courtesy of Snapture Photos.

From the art exhibit which opened the event to the fashion show, the audience was touched by the messages that were conveyed. Some of the artists that were a part of Apologues Live included Cellus Hamilton, Drew Smith, Rick Harmoney, Live Wright and the Royal Mix. Some of the designers whose fashions were exhibited include I Spy Designs, MajeedMonae, Luv Lotts and All Ameriken. However, the blazer that Zarinah Lomax wore stole the show. Designed by Zarinah herself, the beautiful white blazer donned messages of love, peace and anti-violence.

This was the second year that Ms. Lomax presented the show. Make sure to keep her on the radar as she is consistently a pursuer of truth, love and equality.