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Nationwide — Dibawssette is expanding the reach of its already-acclaimed Queendom Cushion Foundation, a hybrid foundation, after its successful launch last year. Created by Faridath Dibousse, the Instagram-famous makeup artist behind @makeupbydibawssette and @dibabydibawssette, the product is inspired by Korean beauty products and developed to help black women nourish their skin and apply flawless makeup at the same time.

The shades and ingredients were perfected to supply a market for high-quality, affordable, need-specific beauty products. From her own history dealing with oily, acne-prone and hyper-pigmented skin, Dibawssette adjusted her core ingredients to suit sensitive skin and highlight natural black beauty. And with her background perfecting a wide range of faces, Dibawssette’s cushion foundation vastly extended the number of shade choices for its brown to dark skin customers, releasing its line with nine shades. The Queendom cushion foundation is now one of the WIDEST cushion foundation ranges for darker skin, with the added bonus of vitamins tailored to skin!

The formula combines not only a daily moisturizer and foundation, but also essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Quinoa Extract and Jojoba Oil, for a complete coverage and naturally matte face. The foundation is lightweight and long-wearing, providing a healthy glow and coverage. In addition to its many benefits, Dibawssette has committed to ethical and chemical-restrictive production, avoiding animal testing and cutting out still-prominently used chemicals and additives with detrimental side effects: parabens, mineral oil, sulfates and phthalates.

Dibawssette’s line is providing healthy, natural alternatives in a quick-moving stream: the last five years have marked a record high internationally for the number of black-owned beauty companies responding to long-desired cosmetics needs, and Dibawssette’s strikingly innovative company, based in Canada, and sold online for worldwide customers, has in addition expanded to African locations in Benin, Niger, Mauritania and the Ivory Coast.

It is Dibawssette’s firm belief that nurturing health, confidence and self-love is embraced by self-care. Her line centers black women, from tan to dark, as Queens, and the Queendom Cushion Foundation promotes their natural shine, in the safest way.

For more information, please contact Faridath Dibousse at 541-833-0441 or email diba@dibawssette.com.

For more information, visit https://www.dibawssette.com