Indianapolis, IN — Quintel Sumrall knows what it’s like to have low credit scores delay or increase the cost of purchasing a car or a home. After many years of being held down by bad credit and poor financial management, Sumrall learned the skills he needed to turn his financial situation around. Seven years later, Sumrall founded Credit Dispute Cloud, LLC (CDC). An entirely new model of “credit repair” – CDC is a cloud-based software application that empowers individuals to get a handle on, repair and maintain good credit – WITHOUT a middleman or hefty fees. The vast majority of African Americans are in debt and having increasing difficulty paying their bills. Sumrall wants to change that. Credit Dispute Cloud is an “on-time solution” that is quick and easy to setup and it’s affordable. Individuals can begin their journey to better credit for only $29.99 at

Quintel Sumrall, founder of Credit Dispute Cloud.

“Poor credit skills and financial habits are passed down intergenerationally. I know first-hand and I’ve learned the hard way. But now that I know, I’m on a mission to help everyone I can. Credit Dispute Cloud gives clients the tools to change their financial lives. I’ve learned that when someone takes their credit situation into their own hands with a goal of educating themselves, repairing their credit and then maintaining good credit – it’s the best scenario. When you put in the work, you’re less likely to let things slip again. It’s really about establishing healthy, long-term financial habits,” states Sumrall, the Founder and CEO of Credit Dispute Cloud.

In a society where 86% of Americans, according to a 2018 Credit Loan survey, indicated they’re broke or have been broke – whether due to divorce, student loan debt, job loss, medical expenses or overspending – Americans struggle severely with maintaining good credit.

Credit Dispute Cloud’s 24-hour, secure access, and easy four-step, four-month process helps clients repair credit scores with each of the three credit-reporting bureaus. Built into the software are over 100 custom dispute letters developed by experienced attorneys – enabling clients to find the perfect template for their situation.

Matt Amore, an auto repair shop owner, credits Credit Dispute Cloud with helping him and his family get into their new home. “I trusted Credit Dispute Cloud to help me get into a new house and after five months, I got approved for a home loan. I really appreciate everything they’ve done,” Amore shares.


About Credit Dispute Cloud, LLC
Credit Dispute Cloud, LLC (CDC) was founded in 2015 by Quintel Sumrall, to help teach financial literacy and self-help techniques to individuals facing credit problems. A native of Chicago, Illinois, and homeless for a time, Quintel experienced first-hand, the effects of inter-generational financial ignorance. After pulling himself out of his dire financial straits, Quintel made it his goal to educate and help others. With a motto of “Giving credit to whom credit is due,” Credit Dispute Cloud has helped thousands of individuals achieve their credit goals and is on a mission to help improve the financial well-being of every American. For a free credit consultation, call 1-800-714-1792 or visit