Newark, DE — Jennaye Fennell and her 3 children are all successful published authors, and are planning to soon launch a family-friendly animated series based on their books. They have each written their own book to their family-owned Fennell Adventures series. That alone is something to be celebrated, but launching their very own cartoon series raises the bar even more!

Authors Jennaye Fennell and her children.

Written by Jennaye and her children — 15-year old Jiyah, 11-year old Jace, and 10-year old Merl — their publications are mostly travel adventure books for young readers. The titles are: Journey through Hawaii with Jace, Journey through Texas with Merl, Journey through New Orleans with Merl, Journey through Cuba with Jace, and Journey through Atlanta with Jiyah.

The family has been featured on various news programs including CBS 46 Atlanta, ABC News, and in their local newspaper The Delaware News Journal, and book sales have skyrocketed from their web site at

But now, they are making national headlines again as they prepare to launch an inspirational cartoon series about their travel adventures. The series will feature true story tales about Jiyah, Jace, Merl, and their mother, Jennaye.

In the first episode, the youngest sibling, Merl tries to climb the Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii. In the story, he is told, “You are just too little.” But he ends up racing to the top and beating the entire family. A short clip of the first episode can be viewed on YouTube.

Ultimately, the Fennell family’s goal is to produce more episodes and have the animation series picked up by a major network to allow more children and families to be inspired.