NationwideGlobal Children’s Financial Literacy Foundation (GCFLF) Co-Founders and Navy veterans, Prince Dykes and Chadrick Davis, have launched a kid’s book club that awards $40,000 worth of stocks and books. GCFL Co-founders newest initiative drive focusing on the emergence of practical financial habits beginning in the earlier childhood stage. Based on a children’s financial literacy book series called Wesley Learns, inspired by Prince Dykes to teach his son Wesley, the book club program emboldens kids to read financial books that will help develop and strengthen their investment acumen. It requires participants to read three books: Wesley Learns about Credit, Wesley Learns to Invest, and Wesley Learns about Insurance. Upon completion of the program, participants are awarded the opportunity to receive stock options.

This non-profit organization continuously strives toward imparting education and actively advocates solutions for children’s financial literacy. “We believe everyone should invest into children at the youngest age possible to benefit the most from the magic of compound interest,” words rendered by GCFL Founder, Prince Dykes. Dykes continues emphasizing its charter that “children are the future of this world, and they need to be exposed to investing, credit and insurance as soon as possible.”

GCFL earmarks disparity among military and disenfranchised communities by providing a book club that aids the economic gaps and skyrocketing inflation in the U.S. The Founders recognize that a plethora of underserved communities lack the knowledge and tools for investing. Dykes and Davis employed tangible products to lessen disproportion in financial education and economics. Wesley Learns program is available across the U.S.

GCFLF regularly attends financial literacy conferences, workshops, and seminars designed to teach children the importance of saving, budgeting, credit, and investing. They collaborate with community stakeholders, such as schools, parents, local businesses, and youth organizations, to help bring a dramatic improvement in the grassroots across America.

Global Children’s Financial Literacy Foundation thanks its organization sponsorships such as Mawer Investment Management Ltd ($10,000 Canadian dollars); Executive Leadership Council ($10,000); Sam Austin ($10,000 worth of stocks) and Marcel Erin who matched donations up to $10,000 in the inaugural Wesley Learn Book Club drive.

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Prince Dykes is a recently retired Navy Chief, Author, Podcaster, Investment Advisor and President of the Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation. Dykes has the mission of every kindergartener to have a funded investment account and financial literacy to pay for college. He is also the author of three children’s financial literacy books: Wesley Learns to Invest, Wesley Learns About Credit, and Wesley Learns About Insurance: Featuring NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis.

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