Worldwide — Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, a Jamaican sprinter, has been named the fastest woman in the world after her recent victory in the 100-meter final at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar. At the age of 32, she has also made history as the oldest woman to ever win the title.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, a Jamaican sprinter.

Fraser-Pryce sprinted pass her contenders and finished the race in 10.71 seconds, just 0.01 seconds of the personal best she set in 2012. She received her fourth World Championships title in the 100-meter division and eighth world title overall.

Her recent victory was extra special as she was joined on the track by her 2-year old son Zyon after she won. She was the first mother in 24 years to win the World 100m title after giving birth.

“My secret is just staying humble and just know who you are as a person and athlete and just continue to work hard,” Fraser-Pryce told CNN after her victory. “It’s a wonderful feeling having my son witnessing this.”

Fraser-Pryce, who had been known for her bizarre hairstyles during track season, donned a unicorn-themed hairstyle during the final.

“I needed something sweet, Doha is already hot. I got my unicorns. They say unicorns are something you never see but here I am,” she jokingly said.

Moreover, in a recent Instagram post, she shared the challenges that almost made her give up. But because of the encouragement of the people around her, she rose up. And she also hopes to give the same inspiration she received to more women in achieving their dreams.

“I am even more grateful for those girls who will come after me or the women who are still holding their own and working on their greatness in their own way and never trying to be anyone but themselves!” she wrote. “I am humbled to be filling my shoes with my potential, fill yours and never stop for anyone and do it with all your heart and all your courage.”