Sicklerville, is a new Black-owned company creating dolls to empower little girls all over the world. The company prides itself on designing unique dolls that will make a difference in children’s lives. Their mission is giving a gift that will build character, confidence, self-awareness and the power to reach your full potential. By feeding the mind with empowering phrases and playing with toys that represent who you are.

The creator Niya Dorsey, came up with Brains and Beauty Dolls while talking to her daughter. As a child, Niya did not have any dolls that truly represented her or encouraged her to follow her dreams. Niya wanted a doll that would not just teach her daughter to be a good mom but encourage her to believe in herself and to achieve her goals. At that moment, Niya decided to create a doll that would represent and empower her daughter and girls all over the world. As she researched and spoke to other moms, dads, grandparents etc. She found out she wasn’t alone. Children that hear positive affirmations and have positive role models tend to be aware of who they are. They are usually confident, strong, and follow their dreams.

Brains and Beauty Dolls strives to develop self-awareness and positive self-esteem in young African American girls. Their goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership ability. They also challenge young girls to achieve their goals and dreams in style.

Today, many children suffer from low self-esteem due to society’s negative perceptions, bullying, and lack of encouragement. Words are very powerful and can have a long-lasting impression on a child’s behavior and emotions. Their goal is to change these negative issues with the influence of their empowering dolls. Brains and Beauty Dolls wants girls to love themselves from their hair to their feet.

What makes them different:

Their dolls are 18-inches tall with a unique look to represent you. They speak 20 empowering phrases to help build character, confidence, self-awareness, and positive-self-esteem. They have real human hair and natural hairstyles to give children the opportunity to love, style and accept hair just like theirs. They are bringing fun to a new level most of all you will have positive friends with different goals and dreams.

Newly released doll

With one doll already under their belt Brains and Beauty Dolls has released another empowering doll, just in time for the holidays. Khari is wise, strong, and a great leader. She loves to read and is devoted to becoming a successful lawyer and making a difference. Khari is 18-inches with beautiful gray eyes, real kinky afro hair and speaks 20 empowering phrases. She has a half cloth body, movable head, and limbs. Khari comes dressed with a pair of gladiator sandals and an African print dress. Khari is available for pre-orders only. Khari must be purchased before August 15, 2018, to get her in time for Christmas. Every girl needs a doll that will represent who she is and build her confidence as she grows into a young woman.

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Niya Dorsey