Houston, TX — Isaac & Moore Luxury Fashion, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Isaac Moore. The up and coming Black American luxury designer, who went from homelessness to becoming a successful fashion designer, is well aware of the struggles a minority desiring to make it big in the industry faces. Moore believes that with every “no” he’s gotten, he’s created his own “yes.” Moore states, “I started my design career by redesigning my OWN life.”

Fashion Designer Isaac Moore

Moore’s story starts with the abandonment of a drug addicted mother and a father who spent most of his life in prison. When other young men in his neighborhood were making the wrong choices, he was choosing to stay focused on his dream. He lived, ate and slept (often on park benches), to the tune of his anticipated future; it motivated him to stay alive even when it existing seemed impossible. He combats the “systematic” racism in the industry with pure professionalism and being excellent in everything he does.

His company, Isaac & Moore Luxury Fashion, was birthed out of passion in 2005. Mr. Moore created the line to fill the void in the market for high-quality, innovative and comfortable garments. It was designed for the confident and original individual, who lives to fulfill their purpose. The line is a direct reflection of Moore’s acute sense of style and originality. Moore, the creator of this unique brand of clothing took his initials and turned them into a powerful contraction “I’M,” thus birthing the most powerful affirmation and slogan in the fashion world, “I AM THE MAN I WAS BORN TO BE.” This brand is about the realization that the only thing separating an individual from their purpose is their mentality and once that has been altered, manifestation in the physical will follow suit.

For more information about Isaac & Moore, follow him on Instagram @isaacandmoore or https://isaacandmoore.com