From The Runway To The Playing Field

Islam and its recent merge into the fashion world have sparked the interest of many, while leaving others on the fence. According to a Pew Research Center estimate, there were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world in 2015. Even further, Islam has been noted as the fastest growing major religion. With such a large global presence, there appears to be an untapped market in the fashion industry.

photo by Anniesa Hasibuan

“Difference is not something to be afraid of it is something you should embrace,” Anneisa Hasibun

As Muslim women find their way into industries, buildings, networks and onto fields, floors and runways it is becoming done with more representation from the fashion industry. Muslim women have been stereotyped in many ways. However, that has not dimmed the light of the recent acceptance of the Muslim women’s attire and high end fashion companies such as Dolce and Gabbana and even Nike who has created stylish comfortable workout gear for the modern Muslim woman. From the boardroom to the playing field, attire suitable for Muslim women has emerged on the scene. All the while, Muslim women are learning the many dynamics of delving into a world that at a point in time was considered forbidden for the Muslim woman.

In conversation, some people have shared their opinion of doubts while others have given the green light regarding the creation and development of a clothing line dedicated to Muslim women. Nonetheless, there is an up and coming clothing line Styled By MBM which will continue to promote the inclusion of modest fashion in the fashion world not only for the everyday working Muslim woman, but the Muslim student, Muslim mother and wife who all are ready to tap into their own fashion sense while remaining modestly covered.

Currently, the designer of Styled By MBM is creating a line of jackets, blazers and cardigans for woman. The line will debut in Spring 2018. The goal of the brand is to bridge the gap of the working Muslim women who especially may find it difficult to wear the appropriate attire while remaining covered. Witnessing NYFWs recent cast of models by fashion designer Anneisa Hasibun is such an inspiration. It is truly an amazing feeling to acknowledge that Muslim women are now free to express their artistic views while still holding true to their Islamic values. “Difference is not something to be afraid of it is something you should embrace,” Anneisa Hasibun.