Tyrone and Latasha Waters wanted to become entrepreneurs so they started out selling things on Ebay. They enjoyed the experience so much that after about a year they decided to open their own Online retail business, they call Queens Storehouse. Their inventory specializes in African themed apparel, women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and gifts.

Tyrone and Latasha Waters, Owners of The Queen’s Storehouse.

The Collingswood New Jersey couple has big plans and lofty visions for their business. They want to expand and grow their business while simultaneously juggling marriage, parenthood, work and school. “At first we started on Ebay and the name was The Queens Storehouse. Latasha was the inspiration behind the name and we wanted to provide great values. After a while Ebay it wasn’t a challenge and we wanted to start our own store. We originally wanted to start a brick and mortar store but we couldn’t afford all the great luxuries we’d like to see in a store, like chandeliers and high backed chairs so we went Online”, stated Tyrone. “We wanted a one stop place where women can get what they are looking for like shoes, jewelry, clothing and cosmetics. We do have some items for men that women can go and get for the significant other. ” Said Latasha

Getting the company’s name out is their top priority. To do so, they vend at community and family focused events in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey Delaware tri-state area, they aggressively use social media and they have joined various entrepreneurial groups around the country. “Visibility is an ongoing process, we’re not a household name yet so what we try to do is work on search engine optimization. We go to shows, hand out cards and meet people, we vend at events and whenever we’re out and about we’re talking up the business to like minded individuals. It’s a constant process. We have an Instagram account, we have a Facebook account, and we share it on our personal account pages. I’ve joined organizations in Atlanta, Los Angles, and Canada so it’s an ongoing process. I have seen some Online purchases from Iowa, Colorado we’re seeing some fruits (of our labor) but it could be better.” Shared Tyrone.

Queen’s Storehouse shoes.

They have partnered with entrepreneurs and producers in Africa mainly, Kenya, Nigeria and Mali who provide authentic African products. The couple has set high standards, they play to their strengths, they are constantly thinking of ways to improve the business, and they work together as a team.

“One time we were dealing with a vendor who was doing some custom made work for us and I wasn’t satisfied, I called them back and told them we weren’t satisfied, our name is on this and it has to be the highest quality. We haggled until they got it right. We scout people’s work, I know what I want, it has to be a particular way, and the quality has to be the best. We pride ourselves in customer service. We have failsafe in case a customer isn’t satisfied with their purchase and we stay on top of everything. We own our own inventory. We package it; we ship it out so there is no delay getting the merchandise out” shared Tyrone.

Their Online inventory fits all budgets and the couple feels they offer quality products at affordable prices. “We have a diversity of products at a variety of price ranges. We are not focused on one price range. People can go to the Website and there is a wide range of products to choose from, if they are not looking to spend a lot of money there are sections of products that offer options.” Latasha added.

Their goal is to provide great products at a fair price with low shipping costs. They primarily use the US Postal Service and they are satisfied with the results. “We learned so much with Ebay, we experimented and we know what is best for us.” Stated Latasha.

Long term they want to expand the business and start a non-profit to augment their business and service families. The Queens Storehouse is celebrating their first anniversary For more information visit their Website https://queensstorehouse.com.