NationwideThe Crazy Like A Fox Tour is the creation of Melony Hill, an 8x author, life transition coach, and mental health advocate, and founder of Stronger Than My Struggles. The phenomenal and life-changing Crazy Like A Fox tour is taking place this summer where Black women will gather in Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Baltimore for brunch, followed by an afternoon of two-way panel discussion and activities on how to heal and thrive with mental illness. The powerful event will be hosted at Treehouse Studios in Atlanta, The Revel Room in Charlotte, Location 215 in Philadelphia, and Impact Hub in Baltimore.

Melony Hill (far right), founder of the Crazy Like a Fox Tour.

Melony Hill is the definition of a woman in control of her life and career. Once counted out by society due to emotional instabilities and a traumatic upbringing stemming from domestic violence, sexual assault and more, Melony has reclaimed her life and inspires others to do the same. Her organization, Stronger Than My Struggles, and this tour, aim to heal through the written and spoken word, and offering resources, support and services to survivors from all walks of life. The tour is co-hosted by SwagHer Magazine, founded by Francheska “Fancy” Felder. SwagHer Magazine is an empowerment and lifestyle publication aimed to uplift and educate the Black community. Rene Brooks, Founder of Black Girls Lost Keys, is the tour’s featured speaker and will travel to all four cities. Her blog empowers Black women with ADHD to live well with the disorder. She is a contributor for Healthline and patient contributor for TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of the Crazy Like A Fox Tour is to create a safe, empowering, and intimate space to bring awareness and impact the lives of black women who suffer, treat, or care for someone with mental illness. The event seeks to bring healing and understanding to our community about issues often left unspoken. There will be panel discussions, Q&A segments, workshop activities, and many other interactive elements during this afternoon of community.

Businesses interested in partnering with this event should send an email to More information and guest tickets are now available for purchase at while supplies last.

About Melony Hill and Stronger Than My Struggles
In 2010, Melony was diagnosed with a slew of emotional illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, and dissociative identity disorder. To add to her daily struggles, Melony also was diagnosed with chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. Never one to let an obstacle deter her from her goals, over the last two years, Melony has self-published 8 books, written for multiple publications online and in print and launched a successful organization to connect other survivors like herself. She hosts a series of workshops in the Baltimore area including a free weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity.

Taking her mission to connect others with their purpose seriously, Melony leads the Baltimore branch of the Freelancers Union, a national organization with over 350,000 members nationwide. In September 2018, she was voted National Curriculum Lead for the Freelancers Union nationwide. For more information, visit Also, follow them for updates on Facebook and Instagram.