Huntsville, AL — A child doesn’t have to be bruised to experience abuse. There are many other ways a child can be harmed. One being Financial Child Abuse.

Demetris Curry, financial consultant

Many parents don’t abuse a child’s financial life to be malicious, but rather because they really are not aware that it’s happening. In addition, the parent may be applying the same financial methods that they were raised with from their parents.

Demetris Curry, Insurance and Financial Consultant, has dedicated her career to insure that each parent that she can touch, adjust their financial lifestyle, mindset and aid their child to a Healthy Financial future. This is the mission to her community program called Inspired For Greatness.

“When working with parents, I share with them my meaning of Financial Child Abuse, ‘Neglecting to prepare for a child’s financial needs, present and future’. Financial Child Abuse can leave lasting financial scars because children grow up without the clear boundaries they need for healthy financial development,” says Demetris.

Adults who suffered Financial Child Abuse in childhood are more likely to financially abuse their own children because the family model they grew up with was financial flawed. 1) Getting a Financial Coach; 2) Financial classes can provide insights to help such parents to fill the gap in their knowledge of how money works and develop strategies for dealing with the stressful aspects of raising financially healthy children; 3) Realistic Expectations: some people enter into parenthood with unrealistic expectations and they may be surprised at the amount of care and attention that their children need; 4) Support Group: parenting is stressful, parents without support from Financial Coach or Group may be more likely to financially abuse their children; 5) Talk to children about Money: Although you can save all the money in the world for your child, nothing will prepare them for the realities of handling money as an adult if you shield them completely from the financial matters of your own household. Without explaining to your children why finances and saving matter, he or she may never learn to appreciate the work and organization that goes into maintaining household finances.

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