Atlanta, GA — When weddings and corporate events alike were canceled or rescheduled due to the global pandemic, local consultant and coach DeJane’ Hill nimbly shifted her business focus from flowers and decorations to serving others on their journey to success. The founder and CEO of Posh Events continues to offer event planning and online options but has continued to grow her business during challenging times by bringing more coaching services to clients.

Dejane Hill founder of Posh Events.

Through her coaching initiative, One Life, One Creation, Hill empowers women as they establish their life goals. She also added a teaching platform to show others how to plan successful events in today’s climate.

“To me, no challenge is too big, no obstacle is too long, no mountain is too high. While the pandemic definitely changed the world of event planning, I enjoy empowering people to be the best version of themselves, regardless of what is going on in their lives or in the world,” Hill said. “From event planning to life coaching to teaching others how to plan or grow events, this work gives me joy.”

The combination of Posh Events and One Life, One Creation marks a rare business combination in the Atlanta area with a consultancy that offers both one-on-one coaching and large-scale productions. Moreover, she represents a growing trend: Firms owned by Black women grew a full 50 percent between 2014 and 2019 and women of color now account for more than 1,600 new businesses per day, according to the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report.

“Whether I am working with an individual on life goals or a company on a big event, I create, I coach and I empower. The ultimate story I like to tell is to love others as you would like to be loved yourself,” Hill added.

Individuals or organizations interested in coaching, public speaking or planning services can reach Hill at

About DeJane’ Hill
Entrepreneur, business consultant and life coach DeJane’ Hill is the founder and CEO of Posh Events, an innovative event-planning and specialty services company based in Atlanta. Since 2015, Post Events has helped numerous clients with imaginative event design and planning concepts, including weddings, corporate events, parties, and more.

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