G Herbo is contributing to his hometown Chicago in an immeasurable way. Amid the unfortunate events that have occurred in the city, G Herbo has continuously been a resource to the residents of Chicago. For his most recent project he bought his alma mater Overton Elementary School, which closed in 2013.

G Herbo spoke this into existence. As early as 2015, he expressed his goal to open a community center and give back to his community during interviews. Overton has been transformed into a safe haven for the children growing in the same neighborhood he grew up in. G Herbo says “This is just about being able to lead by example for the next generation.” Overton will house music studios, offices, audio and video editing suites, and merchandising, booking, and management services for musicians. G Herbo has even already hosted a successful Back to School Event and Peace Walk in September 2020 at Overton.

The purchase and conversion of Overton is just G Herbo’s latest and greatest gesture of giving back to his community. Earlier in the year when Cook County Jail one of the nation’s largest jails was identified among the greatest sources of coronavirus infections in the country, G Herbo teamed with Alliance for Safety to donate 20,000 masks. This contribution of protective gear aided in the health and safety of both prisoners and staff.

Even more during the summer G Herbo continued to support his community through launching a mental health initiative for Black youth, “Swervin’ Through Stress: Tools to Help Black Youth Navigate Mental Wellness.” Swervin Through Stress aims to provide mental health resources in underserved Black communities and offers therapy sessions, a hotline, and more.  G Herb knows first-hand the trauma the youth are exposed to in urban cities like Chicago, and the lack of resources and access to such means. G Herb set a standard for the next generation. If not only met but escalated the city and citizens would immensely benefit. To stay up to date with G Herbo, his community efforts, music and apparel go to www.gherbo.com