Deep gratitude is felt for the efforts of State Senator Art Haywood of the Northwest District and neighboring Montgomery County boroughs in his efforts to tackle three essential issues that strongly effect the community. Pay attention to his agenda of fair elections, environmental protection and mentorship.

Senator Art Haywood

A recent victory on the judicial level finally evened the playing field in The Pennsylvania state representative body. It is hard to believe, but the Republican party purposefully gerrymandered Pennsylvania’s voting districts to insure Republican control of political power. The 2010 census proves that Pennsylvania is a blue state despite red tinges between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Even those rural conservatives in central Pennsylvania would marvel at the political similarities they hold with disenfranchised urban populations. Unity is power and part of the strategy of control is to convince average Caucasians they should fear black people instead of learning how the 1% is benefiting from all our labor and confusion. The process started in the 18th century colonial period in America when our nation was stuck in the hypocrisy of free ideals verses an economic system based on slavery. Propaganda was derived to convince the average Caucasian that they were superior simply because of the color of their skin, no matter how much they too were being exploited. Bringing it forward to present times, it is critical to vote in all elections. The maps have been redrawn and the time for just governmental representation is now.

In addition, Senator Haywood held a meeting with Penn Environment a local non-profit to strategize about upcoming legislation. Global warming is a real issue. Its effects are continually evident. Issues like asthma and dumping sites affect African American communities disproportionately. The goal is a state that is free of fossil fuels by 2050.

Senator Haywood is working in Harrisburg on bills, for example that restrict fracking on public protected forest. The public can help by divesting from fossil fuels, invest in solar cooperatives and walk or take public transportation. A simple call to PECO today and a statement you want to shift to an energy provider that uses renewable resources. It is worth today’s children’s children’s quality of life. Neighborhood cooperative solar projects will actually produce income for members.

Finally, the issue of mentorship is a priority. 18,000 young people in Senator Haywood’s district live without an active father. Conscious men and women have an opportunity not only to heal the systems that led to this situation, but also seed change with time, talent and love. The Senator’s office is working to proliferate stable mentorship programs to reach many in a deep and positive way. Think back in your own lives, how a positive person or a new experience exposed you to a life changing revelation. Mentorship is a necessary part of human development. It is impossible to know everything. It is through exchange of experience that we learn and grow spiritually. Mentorship can come in many different forms such as paid tutoring, volunteering at a school, library or prison. The key is that each human being has something special to offer the next generation and by giving one’s gift both the giver and the receiver benefit a million-fold.

Contact his office if you feel called to add to any of these issues. Each one, teach one. If you see something say something. Educate yourself. Vote. Educate yourselves and others on history and knowledge of self. Act in love with every tool at your disposal. The human village requires our leadership.