Philadelphia – For some sisters, this season is just a Hot Girl Summer. However, for Life Coach Petra Sherbin-Fox this is a Healed Girl Summer. Petra, the founder of Haus of Soul, a Philly based wellness creative space hosted a Healed Girl Summer event in light of Self-Care Day at Billy Penn Studios.

photo by MJ Hammie.

Upon entering the studio, attendees were greeted with sweet aromatic scents, soothing sounds and pleasant and positive vibes. Small black-owned businesses provided numerous products to ensure wellness such as a natural hair and skin care products, essential oils, crystals, sage, candle making kits, and a reiki esthetician who also provided chakra readings and mini reiki sessions on the spot.

The women that attended were in for a treat, as there were various exercises of self-care. The day began with brief introductions, intention setting and a healthy lunch. Following, the reiki esthetician led a sound healing exercise to relax the mind with beautifully colored bowls encouraging inner peace.  Next, there was a guided yoga session, a session led by a sacred sensuality doula, a tarot reading and a journaling session. The women were taught ways of exercising physical self-love internally as well as externally. In closing there was a guided affirmations exercise, allowing attendees to all leave with positive affirmations shared by their counterparts.     

Events like the Healed Girl Summer are critical for women of color. states that, “Black women are facing an overwhelming mental health crisis.” When asked why she curated such an event, Petra responded saying she remembered feeling like she was not deserving of a “fairytale” life. She says “Now I realize that with some work and a village, with being intentional about your healing, that you are deserving of that life. And the life that seems so outlandish, is truly not outlandish and is within your reach.” She continued to say, “I see a lot of spaces for white women, which is fine. However, women of color need to be around women that understand the struggle and understand the things that are difficult for us.”

Healing and wellness spaces geared towards supporting women of color are rare, and Petra Sherin-Fox hopes to raise awareness of the need for a focus on mental wellness within the Black community. In understanding our community’s dire need for healing, Petra founded The Haus Of Soul to create the necessary spaces for women of color. Currently The Haus of Soul is offering a membership, which includes in person office hours, yoga, meditation, sensual movement, purposeful alignment, astrology readings, energy readings, tarot readings, release sessions, soul-versation gatherings and so much more.

For more information, go to to The Haus of Soul’s website, and follow on Instagram @thehausofsoul_.